New website opened, yay

I revamped my website and finally brought it a little more to the 21st century: no longer handmade HTML for each page! I’ll also be cross-posting my future LJ posts on the site’s blog section in the future, so I now finally have a Real Blog (TM) instead of just a LiveJournal account. Though everything will still be posted to LJ as well, don’t worry.

I’ll also be cross-posting any posts I write in my Finnish Uusi Suomi blog at the new site. There’s also an option to only show the English posts, for those who can’t read Finnish.

Opinions have been divided on the logo graphic, so I’ll have to see if I find something that’s a little more universally liked. It’s not a huge priority, though.

There was a bunch of content on the old site that I wasn’t happy with and thus didn’t move over, or just didn’t feel was valuable enough to bother with. If you want to see something that I had on the old site, please use the Wayback Machine archive.

(And now let’s see whether this “cross-post to LJ” plugin works.)

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