Personal achievement report, Feb 2012

February was a low-achievement month. Aside for making progress in meditation, I didn’t get much done.


* A Less Wrong post, Avoid Misinterpreting Your Emotions. As of right now, it has promoted status, 60 upvotes and 28 comments. It’s an expanded version of my earlier LJ post, Not believing in your emotions.
* Contributed three answers to the Cognitive Sciences Stack Exchange. The answers were to the following questions: Is variation in human brain size related to mental functioning? (my answer got 12 upvotes), Bias by which we tend to accept vague descriptions of ourselves (my answer got 5 upvotes), and Do we understand the mechanism behind pleasure and pain, excluding the subjective aspect? (my answer got three upvotes).
* I got an e-mail telling me I was one of the top CogSci Stack Exchange users for the month of February.


* Attended a job interview for the IT research assistant summer job. Heard that the research group I’d picked as my top choice had about 70 applicants, out of which only a few would be picked. Although the interview went okay, I don’t think I’ll make the cut.
* Sent a couple of job applications to other places.
* Went to the library and looked through some of the magazines there, searching for ones who might be willing to pay for my writing. Found some promising ones.
* The secret crazy website project is still being worked on.


* Novel: secret co-written one that I’m not at a liberty to talk much about. Minor progress.
* Novel: The City of Light and Fire. No progress on this one.
* Novel: Dreamland (working title). No progress on this one, either.
* Non-fiction book: How human minds differ, or, I need a catchier title (working title). Nope, no progress here either.


* Continued attending Neuroinformatics 4, but I haven’t gotten any session diaries written beyond the first one. Need to fix that.
* …and that was just about all that I accomplished, school work-wise.


* Started doing semi-regular meditation exercises again, and began finally making progress on it. For details, see my post from two days back.
* My Google Plus account went up from 687 followers on Jan 31st to 726 followers on Feb 29th. That’s an increase of 39 people. (Statistics courtesy of


Meh, much ado about nothing. I’m not sure of exactly how I managed to achieve this little. This month, I need to shape up.

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