Creativity exercise

I have taken up the habit of going on daily walks and coming up with a novel interpretation for at least one thing that I see while out there. Here’s what I have so far.


Valokuva-0338The X in this traffic sign stands for “radiation X”. In a world where both biology and physics are different, some kinds of radiation affect certain chromosomes more strongly than others. The sign warns that one is entering a zone heavy with radiation X, which is excessively dangerous for anyone carrying an X chromosome. People without one, such as those with ZQ or YP as their sex chromosomes, are safe.



Valokuva-0335This is a miniature model of a standard Mark VI Habitation Station, with living modules at the tip of each branch. The structure of the branches corresponds to the political alliances among the inhabitants. Living modules that are each directly connected by one intersection all belong to the same political faction, which in turn belongs to the broader faction alliance that’s composed of the factions with direct connections to each other.


Valokuva-0330This floor tiling is a schematic diagram of an artificial island, separated by water from a larger artificial island that surrounds it. The inner island is under the ruthless control of a despot, who only allows her favorite subjects to set their feet there. Anyone who incurs the despot’s displeasure is exiled to the outer island. The exiles are gradually growing numerous enough to set up their own governance and society on the outer island, but lacking access to technology, they are as of yet unable to invade the inner island.



Valokuva-0329This looks like a traffic sign, but it is in fact a container holding a hammer. The head of the hammer glows red, as it was enchanted by Thor himself to be particularly deadly to any frost giants. Such containers are scattered throughout the streets, so that if frost giants were ever to invade, people would have powerful weapons ready at hand.



Valokuva-0332Although this looks like a trash bin, it is actually a combined spawning chamber and home for a Cleaner Gremlin. Such chambers are filled with a sticky spawning liquid, sealed, and then placed in various locations. As sun shines on the chambers, they warm the liquid, which eventually forms into a Cleaner Gremlin. Sooner or later, the Cleaner Gremlin will grow hungry, which is when it will break the seal, squeeze out of the chamber, and begin searching the surroundings for anything that has been thrown away. Upon finding any trash, the Cleaner Gremlin will eat it. Once it is full, it will return to the chamber to rest, until it becomes hungry again.


Valokuva-0334The tube running on the side of this bridge forms a part of a vast transport network, carrying immortal souls from one location to another. A person enters the network by going to a transit station, where an executioner kills them, and a necromancer captures their soul and has a transport tube suck it in. At the other end, another necromancer will create a new body for the person and attach their soul to that body.

Unfortunately, killing someone for any reason is a mortal sin, sentencing the killer to an eternity in hellfire. Because of this reason, all of the executioners are convicted criminals whose crimes are serious enough that their souls are already forfeit.

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